DOit’s 12th Anniversary

Twelve years ago, I founded DOit Systems. The idea was simple. Create an easy to use, friendly and affordable management system. Using web technology, we could ensure a low cost of ownership to our customers yet give high service availability. We were one of the first ERP platforms to be on the cloud.

Our development effort focuses on actual customer needs.

Product to market took us a few years from the foundation of the company.
We’ve come a long way since then. We are serving over 200 companies in the Americas, from architectural firms, time billing/service companies to DSCSA compliant ERP.

We do not aim to be one of the giants, just one of the few. We do not want to be your first ERP; we want to be your last. We are proud to offer fantastic service and customer experience.

This year, to add even more value to our customers, we are giving free Microsoft Excel classes and working on new awesome integrations.

Today, DOit has collaborators in the United States, Brazil, and Portugal. We are diverse by definition.

May 2020 be just another year of sustainable growth, new partnerships, and new friendships.

Vicente Ribeiro
DOit Systems, Inc.