DOit 3.36 | Release Notes

This Release of DOit contains many new features and fixes. It is also the first step in supporting GSDD – Gold Standard Database by Elsevier.

The GSDD integration allows auto filling product information based on the NDC of the item. It also includes AWP pricing updates and product image. For a demo and more information on this integration, please contact


    — Added a new module Inventory :: S/Ns :: In to list inbound serial numbers.
    — Added a new module Inventory :: S/Ns :: Out to list outbound serial numbers.



  • NEW FEATURE Added a new toolbar button to request the update of the listed products according to their NDCs. Requires GSDD integration.
  • NEW FEATURE Added a new option to update drug pricing (AWP, MAC, and WAC) after submitting a purchase order or receiving goods. Requires GSDD integration.
  • Fixed text placement in product editing modal window.