DOit 3.37 | Release Notes

This Release of DOit contains many new features and fixes. It is also the first step in supporting PayTrace (a new payment gateway) integration. If you are interested the new PayTrace integration, contact for more information.


  • Fixed the upload popup box size when attaching files with a long name.



  • Fixed a broken layout in the credit card modal window when the contact has too many addresses.
  • NEW FEATURE If My Accounts Only is enabled for the user, he will only see his accounts. His accounts are the contacts that has the user’s name set as account manager on the Sales Info box at the Contacts :: Record.



  • NEW FEATURE Added the ability to collect credit card payments using PayTrace.



  • Fixed an error while generating the Stock Position export containing items manually added to the system.



  • Fixed the setup tabs positioning.



  • Fixed an error while trying to link a pending item to an inexistent purchase order.
  • Added more validations when purchasing prescribed drugs to prevent T3 generation errors.



  • Added the reference Number column to the Delivery Pending Items export.
  • NEW FEATURE Shows only the account manager’s contacts while selecting the ship to and the bill to of orders. This requires the My Accounts Only to be enabled for the user.



  • NEW FEATURE Added the ability to release reserved stock. :tada:
  • NEW FEATURE Added a new export of tracking numbers.
  • Highlights Saturday delivery rates in red.
  • Repeats the header on every page of the Picking List.


Company Setup

  • Company Setup :: Security :: Config New option My Accounts Only to restrict the contacts visible to the logged user. Only accounts where the account manager is the user are accessible when this option is enabled.