DOit 3.52 | Release Notes

This version of DOit has new fields on Sales and some fixes.


  • Shows active and inactive users in Admin :: Users :: General.


Admin :: Tools

  • Added multiple columns regarding permanent IDs at Contacts, Address, Sales and Good Receipt submodules.



  • Exp. Date column cannot be edited in B.O.R.I.S. :: Purchases :: Velocity Report.



  • Added “Last Modified” column on the product’s cost bulk import.



  • Added new report with receiving information and checklist in Receiving :: Record.



  • Added the fields Service Fee % and Service Fee in Sales :: Record. This field allows inserting a service fee when charging the customer. The service fee can be inserted automatically if the payment term is configured with the service fee.



  • Fixed a bug that when a 4×12 printer was selected, the toolbar icon would disappear.
  • Fixed columns size in Shipping :: Shipments when changing screen resolution.