DOit 3.56 | Release Notes

This version of DOit includes new columns to make filtering easier.


  • External agents can filter documents by an array of statuses using the API REST v2, including:
    • Purchase Orders
    • Goods Receipts
    • Sales Orders
    • Shipments
    • Invoices



  • Added two optional columns “SO#” and “PO#” at Invoices :: In :: List
  • Added Reference column in Invoices :: Out :: List and Invoices :: Out :: $ hidden by default.



  • Added an optional “Complete Main Address” column on List 1.



  • Added Reference column in Sales :: My Sales :: Pending and Sales :: All :: Pending hidden by default.
  • Added Expected Ship Date column in Sales :: All :: List hidden by default.


Sales and Invoice

  • Added a new “Service Fee” column in several reports.



  • Added an optional “Customer PO#” columns on all Shipping’s lists.