DOit 3.58 | Release Notes

This version of DOit addresses some of our customers requests such as a Documents Module that shows all documents uploaded to the system.


  • Hides the Expiring Documents field if the user has is no access to the “Contacts” module.



  • Added Contacts, Products, Sales, Purchase, Receiving, Shipping tabs on Documents for Pharma.
  • Added new Documents module on the left menu.
  • Added Documents :: All list, showing all documents uploaded to the system.



  • Added link to the product record from the product SKU in E-commerce :: Record.



  • Changed authorization for E-mail :: All E-mails only for finances, manager, invoices, shipping and purchases users.



  • Only show products sold by the user in Products :: Record :: Out if the option SalesRep is checked in Company Setup :: Security :: Access.



  • Layout fixes and adjustments for the Detailed Invoice with Back Order in Invoices :: Out :: Record.
  • Added new Detailed Invoice with Back Order – Compact report in Invoices :: Out :: Record.



  • Only shows my sales in Sales :: All :: List if the option My Accounts Only is active in Company Setup :: Security :: Config.