[Sales :: On Hold] New Restriction (Hold) for Sales with Expired Licenses

There is a new restriction listed on the On Hold tab in Sales.
It’s the expired dates restriction. Before if a customer had an expired license, they were vulnerable to their items being sold to another customer while the issue was resolved. Now however, the sale gets put on hold and the items reserved while the license information is being updated.

The newly added sale is now listed on the Sales :: On Hold tab.

In order to release Sales with ED , you need to update the License Expiration date on the Contacts master data and the hold is cleared; allowing you to close the sale (send it to shipping).

Another option is to assign the Approve Sales with Expired Dates privilege on Company Setup :: Security :: Config to a user.

If the sale is moved forwards without fixing the date, the history of who approved the sale will be registered on Sales :: Record :: Approvals.