DOit 3.63 | Release Notes

This version of DOit applies some general fixes and introduces the ability to set the number of days that defines “what is a short dated product”.

This information can be set before a new DOit goes live or can be updated by sending a request via your account manager or online support.

Another hidden gem is the ability to inform multiple criteria while performing and advanced search on lists.

Company Setup

  • Added a feature that allows to hide a company on the Income Dashboard.


  • New “Webstore Products List with Cost” excel export was created.


  • Fixed error when trying to upload accounting entries import file in Finances :: List.


  • Advanced Filters now accept more than 1 search entry as long as they are separated by commas, containing a space right after the comma or not. (Except for currency filters).


  • Fixed a autofill bug on invoice’s record


  • Fixed Purchase# column not turning red if selected by the user in Receiving :: Pending.


  • Fixed misalignments on “Sales Order (no photos)” report
  • Minor layout improvements to the sales record’s informations page in Sales :: Record.