DOit 3.64.4 | Release Notes

This version of DOit has new features such as a new column on Finances and some fixes in Receiving and Shipping Order.


Validates and throws an error message if trying to delete an account in Finances :: Accounts when the account is used in a payment term in Invoices :: Setup :: PMT Terms or Sales :: Setup :: PMT Terms.
Added Service Fee Info column in Finances :: Payments :: Receive :: Open allowing the user to edit the service fee amount or percentage of a sale changing the fee values of the related commercial invoice as well.


Fixed column Last Location in Receiving :: Record :: Batch getting the first location instead.
Minor performance improvements upon searching for the last location of a product.
Fixed deleting a list entry from Receiving :: Record :: Items not removing the related Inventory Log In’s location and attachment.
Deletion warning message now describes what happens if the record is deleted.

Shipping Order

Correction for shipping order item split.