DOit 3.64.8 | Release Notes

In this new version of DOit, some bugs and errors were fixed along with new updates. On Calendar you can now add new infos on the generated tasks. Inventory and Products have now a new location for the records.


Added new info on who generated tasks from Projects :: All :: Record :: Phases that appear in the new column Generated By in Calendar :: Tasks :: List and in the task record’s footer in Calendar :: Tasks :: Record.
Fixed a bug in the event report generation when the event lasted longer than one day


Fixed the Related Addresses List export, now it shows all addresses properly
Fixed a misalignment on Sale column at Contacts :: History :: Out


Fixed Fraction Number field showing NULL value when printing ACH from Finances :: Payments :: Receive.


Now you can update locations through the inventory importer


Added new “Location” column in Products :: Record :: In.


Added link to the related project of the Project columns in Projects :: My Projects :: Activities, Projects :: Leader :: Activities and Projects :: All :: Activities.

Sales & Shipping

Added optional “State” column at Shipping :: Items and Sales :: All :: Pending