DOit 3.64.9 | Release Notes

In this new version of DOit, some bugs and errors were fixed along with new updates. New minor configurations were added in Products, Purchases, Receiving and Shipping.


Created a new validation before a Calendar deletion


Fixed a faulty column on Audit Report


Fixed broken layout in Finances :: Payments :: Pay :: Open.


Added the new configuration field Is Hidden in Products :: Setup :: Suppliers.
Suppliers marked as hidden will be locked in Products :: Record :: Suppliers, and wont appear in the supplier column’s dropdown menu in Purchases :: Pending :: Supplier.
Products bulk importer will no longer search for suppliers in the database that are marked as hidden.

Projeto ??

Fixed a column that wasn’t showing properly


Added Date Created column in Purchases :: Pending hidden by default.


Added the sum of quantities on the record’s footer


Added “Product Description” column at Ordered Items with Tags export

Sales and Shipping

New excel spreadsheet “Sale History” on pages My Sales, All and Record
New excel spreadsheet “Shipping History” on pages All items and Record