DOit 3.66 | Release Notes

In this new version of DOit, some error were fixed along with some adjustments and features.


Created titles for checkbox columns at Admin :: Templates :: List


Fix error while filtering financial records by a range of dates in Finances :: Payments :: Receivables and Finances :: Payments :: Payables.


New hidden “Salesperson” column at Invoices :: Out :: Pending


New Party Importer column “PUBLIC”. You can now set if the party is public or not


Now you can import up to 5000 products at once
New validation when hiding a supplier. It cannot be hidden if there’s any pending or ongoing purchases
Manufacturer column at Products List 1 is now clickable and redirects to the manufacturer’s contact record


Fixed the alignment on “Total Hours” footer all around the system


Column Description was renamed to Characteristics at Sales :: Setup :: Restriction


New feature “Shipping Conditions” helps to identify when a certain product need special treatment when shipping
Fixed a bug when cancelling a SO it would lose its batch number