Web Summit Rio 2024

With over 34,000 attendees, Web Summit Rio 2024 set a record attendance of  Female Entrepreneurs in Technology.


From April 15th to 19th, the world’s largest technology and innovation event brought together brilliant minds, startups, and visionary leaders in Rio de Janeiro to discuss and shape the digital future.

With over 34,000 participants from more than 100 countries, Web Summit Rio 2024 was a success, and Riocentro turned into a melting pot of innovative ideas and impactful discussions. Of course, we wouldn’t miss out on this edition, and we brought you the highlights of the world’s largest technology event!


Artificial Intelligence and Digital Ethics

Artificial intelligence (AI) was the main topic in discussions, now in a consolidated manner, addressing geopolitical issues, startup ecosystems, and the workplace environment. Renowned speakers highlighted AI innovations around the world, discussing ways to prevent talent drain in this field.

There were also deep discussions about the future of artificial intelligence (AI) and its ethical implications. Speakers such as Meredith Whittaker, President of Signal, addressed critical issues regarding privacy and responsible AI use. Chelsea Manning, security consultant at Nym Technologies, and Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia, also contributed valuable insights on misinformation and digital security.

Web Summit Rio brought together a diverse collection of participants, from entrepreneurs to CEOs of large corporations, investors, academics, and technology enthusiasts. The main objective was to share ideas, collaborate, and inspire each other in an environment conducive to the emergence of new partnerships and disruptive solutions.

In addition to the main speeches and panel discussions, Web Summit Rio also offered unique networking opportunities, where entrepreneurs could meet potential investors, mentors, and strategic partners. This direct interaction is often the starting point for lasting partnerships and promising businesses.


Female Empowerment in the Startups and Technology World

There were many technology-based launches, and female entrepreneurship was a highlight.

The Web Summit Rio 2024 broke barriers, highlighting the growing influence of women in the world of startups. With nearly half of the represented companies led by female founders, the event not only celebrated diversity but also promoted a significant shift in gender dynamics in the technology sector. Representing 45% of the total, these leaders brought revolutionary ideas and innovative solutions, addressing everything from digital health to fintechs and new perspectives and innovative solutions for current challenges, proving that inclusion and diversity are fundamental to technological advancement.

Our Doit ERP team was there, of course; we couldn’t miss this amazing opportunity. Yasmin Leonel, a developer here at DOit, and the Implementation Leader in Brazil, Ana Paula, were present at the event and brought their experience to share with us.

According to Ana Paula, “The immersive experience I had participating in Web Summit Rio 2024 was invaluable, both as a member of a technology company and as a team manager. I had the opportunity to see the latest developments in the technology market, learn about the options that artificial intelligence provides us, and understand how they can impact our business. I attended lectures that spoke about the importance of always listening to our customers and having the sensitivity to see from other perspectives. These lectures inspired me to have new ideas. In this particular edition, female entrepreneurship was highlighted, with a record number of women entrepreneurs participating. It was an inspiration and gave me great pride to represent DOit, and to absorb all the knowledge that these brilliant women had to offer.”

Yasmin Leonel added: “The Web Summit Rio was a collection of immeasurable experiences, each adding something new and significant. I learned a lot and had the opportunity to listen to many women in the technology field to inspire me. This experience expanded my horizons.”


Social Impact

Nearly 16% of startups were present through the Web Summit’s Impact program, which highlights startups aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

There was plenty of stage time for discussions on how to save the world’s tropical forests, including the use of drones and resistance to threats. Helena Gualinga from the Young Indigenous Defenders of the Amazon Collective, and Peter Prengaman, global director of climate and environmental news at the Associated Press, were among the experts who shared insights on the actions we can take to protect our planet.


Economic Impact and Visibility

Furthermore, the event also served as a showcase for Rio de Janeiro, highlighting not only its importance as a center of innovation but also its natural beauty and vibrant culture. Participants were able to experience the rich local gastronomy, explore iconic tourist spots, and immerse themselves in the unique atmosphere of this charming city.

The financial impact of Web Summit Rio 2024 on the economy of Rio de Janeiro was significant. The event injected approximately R$33 million per day into the local economy, with an overall projection of R$191.4 million for the year 2024. Furthermore, the total economic impact forecast for the six editions of Web Summit, scheduled in Rio between 2023 and 2028, is around R$1.5 billion.

These numbers reflect not only the success of the event in terms of participation and global interest but also the potential for economic growth and technological development that events like Web Summit can bring to the host city. The injection of capital benefits various sectors, including hospitality, food, transportation, and services, thus contributing to the growth of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the city.


Entertainment and Immersive Experiences

Included with all the revolutionary and enriching content, this edition also featured entertainment for the participants.

Those who attended the event could enjoy a variety of interactive and immersive experiences. In addition to lectures and workshops, the event offered attractions such as:

  • High-Tech Simulators: Including car simulators that provided participants with the thrill of high-speed races in realistic virtual environments.
  • Virtual Reality (VR) Zones: Where visitors experienced the future of VR technology, immersing themselves in digital worlds and interacting with virtual scenarios.
  • Gaming and eSports Spaces: Dedicated areas for gaming enthusiasts to test out the latest releases and compete in eSports tournaments.
  • Digital Art Installations: Exhibitions that combine art and technology, creating unique visual and sensory experiences.
  • Networking and Lounge Areas: Comfortable spaces designed to promote social interaction and networking among participants, with live music and cultural performances.

These attractions were designed not only to entertain but also to inspire participants, showcasing how technology can be applied in creative and engaging ways.

In summary, Web Summit Rio 2024 was more than an event; it was a milestone for the future, where the possibilities are as vast as our imagination. And as we look to the horizon, we are certain that the ideas and connections generated here will continue to positively influence the world for many years to come.

There is still the Lisbon event that will be happening later this year from November 11th to 14th.

And for next year, the Web Summit in Rio de Janeiro will be from April 27th to 30th, 2025.

The DOit ERP team can hardly wait.


See you next time!

DOit Team