Simplify Your Master Data Management With IL2 Technology

Are you tired of grappling with the complexities of managing product master data? Enter IL2 technology, a game-changer in the realm of DSCSA compliance, auditing trails, data integrity, and privacy for healthcare applications.

IL2’s cutting-edge service integrates with DOit to efficiently obtain important EPCIS prerequisites such as GTIN and Labeler information. This includes tapping into the FDA’s official registry to access comprehensive data for the products you purchase and sell. Say goodbye to the headache of managing master data manually.

With the IL2 integration activated, a simple query against your current product list fills in any missing GTIN information for your Rx products, as well as any new additions. Whether it’s updating existing product information or adding new items, IL2 has you covered. Plus, it provides detailed product information and images, giving you a complete picture of each item in your inventory.

With over 280,000 products listed and data constantly updated from authoritative sources like RXNorm and the FDA’s OpenNDC Directory, IL2 ensures you’re always working with the most accurate information available.

Don’t let the complexities of product management bog you down. Add IL2 technology to your list of tools and simplify your workflow today.

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