“We are able to get everything done with ease during work hours and with extra time to catch up on other business tasks” – See what our client has to say one year after implementing DOit ERP

The efficient management of a pharma business goes far beyond the simple sale. To stand out in a competitive market, it is essential to adopt technologies that optimize processes, improve inventory management, ensure compliance with regulations, and improve the customer experience. It is in this scenario that DOit ERP can make all the difference.

One of the biggest challenges for any wholesaler is inventory management. With DOit ERP, it is possible to have precise, real-time control of available products, quickly identifying items close to their expiration date, high-moving products and those that are stuck on shelves. This allows reduction of losses due to expiration, order optimization and accurate inventory.

Let’s talk about compliance. As you may know, the legislation is strict. Staying compliant can be a challenge, but DOit ERP helps you with your product’s traceability, detailing records of each batch of medication from entry into stock to final sale. Need the T3? We’ve got you covered.



Our client “Fidelity Pharmaceutical“, located in Huntersville, NC, has been using DOit for a year. They have since been improving their business process, and saving time to enjoy quality moments with their family.


“DOIt ERP and how much they have improved our business process and eased daily business stress. Prior to signing with DOIt, we were running our business using Microsoft Office apps such as word to create invoices, excel to create pedigrees and record keep, and manually typing out sales order confirmation and invoice/tracking emails. This created a lot of extra work causing us to work after hours to catch up nearly every day.

By implementing DOIt we are able to get everything done with ease during work hours and with extra time to catch up on other business tasks outside of DOit. We were at the point of needing to hire additional help to be able to keep up with our volume and they have eliminated that need for now. This is saving us the salary and benefits of an employee.”

The Team at Fidelity Pharmaceuticals


The most important thing for DOit is Customer Satisfaction. This is crucial for business loyalty and growth. Our customers receive personalized assistance from real people. We don’t rely on robots, our team provides direct support and solutions straight from your system.

And the best part? It’s FREE! You don’t pay ANYTHING extra for it, the support is unlimited.


“The DOIt support team were and continue to be great at getting back to us quickly so that we could continue with our day and not be at a halt while waiting for a response. We highly recommend DOIt and look forward to working with them for many years ahead!”

The Team at Fidelity Pharmaceuticals


Investing in DOit ERP is not just a technological choice, but a strategy that can take your business to a new level of efficiency and competitiveness. With process automation, assured   compliance and a better customer experience, your business will be prepared to face market challenges and grow sustainably.

If you are ready to transform your business, schedule a demo with us and discover how our ERP can be the ideal solution for your needs.