DOit 3.42 | Release Notes

This version of DOit fixed multiple errors in Sales, Purchases, Finances and Calendar, added new validation of T3 products on Purchases and fixed/included some new columns.


  • Only show products in Products :: Record :: Out that were sold by the current user if the option My Accounts Only in Company Setup :: Security :: Config is checked for the current user.



  • Minor improvements to the layout of Purchases :: Record.


DOit 3.42.1



  • Added new validation for the manufacturer of T3 products.



  • Fixed total Weight and total Quantity columns alignment under Sales :: Record :: Items.


DOit 3.42.2



  • Fixed an error while searching products by the quantity available at vendors.



  • Changes to the NFe column behavior and name changes at Picking List report (now called Shipments by Ship Via).
    Added Reference column in Invoices :: Out :: Pending list.



  • Includes the SKU in the error message when updating products quantity with an invalid Part Number.



  • Fixed a UI glitch when the transaction status tooltip contained an HTML message.
  • Fixed error when removing attachment from Accounting Entry in Finances :: All :: List 1 when it comes from an attachment in a project expense in Projects :: All :: Expenses.
  • Fixed when changing attachment from Projects :: All :: Expenses overwriting attachment in Finances :: All :: List 1 when they are different.
  • Fixed a bug in which accounts kept their references around the system even after being deleted, allowing entries on nonexistent accounts.



  • The system will now delete related events when deleting a public calendar.
  • Fixed the spacing on the Worked Time column in the sublist Activities at Calendar :: Tasks :: Record.



  • Included Shipped On date column at Admin :: Tools :: Goods Receipt.